Take the Crown Hill Urban Village survey

Community planning for the future of Crown Hill is still underway, and the City is asking for feedback on urban planning designs.

The Seattle Office of Planning & Community Development has created a survey for those who couldn’t make it to the three Crown Hill Urban Village community planning workshops.

The third and most recent workshop on June 23rd focused on the design of future buildings and streets in specific places so that City staff can develop policies that guide future development and investments.

Here are the key topics in the survey:

  • Creating a pedestrian-oriented commercial core near 90th and Mary Ave
  • Planning for future redevelopment on 15th/Holman
  • Strategies and design concepts for implementing low-cost sidewalk alternatives in residential areas
  • Types of open space & locations
  • Priority topics for future Design Guidelines

To fill out the survey, click here. And, to learn more about the overall planning process for the future of Crown Hill, click here.

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