Learn more about the Ballard Bridge Planning Study at a drop-in session

Next week, the City will host a drop-in session for community members to learn about the Ballard Bridge Planning Study.

Hosted by the Seattle Department of Transportation, the session will be on Wednesday, July 31st from 6pm to 7:30pm at Fishermen’s Memorial Plaza, Dock 73919 (18th Ave W). Unless you’re salty enough to know exactly where that is, see the map below for the meeting location.

The drop-in session will be an opportunity to learn some specifics about the planning study; its scope, goals, and timeline. The project team will be on hand to answer questions and hear feedback. They’ll also provide a summary of the results from the recent online survey about the bridge.

In the coming months, SDOT will work with other organizations and agencies to evaluate multimodal mobility options and access for the rehabilitation and replacement concepts. SDOT’s technical team will also look at structural requirements and costs and the feasibility of construction around the bridge.

For more about the project, visit SDOT’s Ballard Bridge Planning Study website.

5 thoughts to “Learn more about the Ballard Bridge Planning Study at a drop-in session”

  1. Everybody, please mark this date with a giant sticky note. Then every meeting, make another. In a year count them. In another year, count them all again. Then, in 2 years, count them again and the cost will have doubled! We are going to do this, Seattle style, with study after study, meeting after meeting, impact study after impact study, and then environmental study after environmental study, followed by citizen review panels, followed with more studies. VOILA, nothing gets done. Although, a few people made bank on studies and holding things up. In China they’d just build the damn thing, in 2 months.

    1. In China they’d just build the damn thing, in 2 months.

      In China they disappear people to take their property, use slave labor to construct things and pay for it with a 45% income tax. That’s what you want our country to emulate?

      Not to mention this is a vital bridge that carries 56,000 cars a day. You can’t just knock it down and build a new one in its place with zero thought put into it. It’s very clear you have no clue how building infrastructure works, but that’s not surprising.

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