Seattle Parks to cut hours at Ballard and Loyal Heights Community Centers

The Ballard and Loyal Heights community centers will see reduced hours starting in September.

Seattle Parks is cutting hours at four total community centers in Seattle — the centers in Queen Anne and Magnolia will also have their hours reduced.

According to a Seattle Times report, Ballard will lose 10 weekly hours, with Loyal Heights losing seven hours. Queen Anne and Magnolia centers will no longer be open on Saturdays. All four will close earlier on weekdays.

Seattle Parks spokeswoman Rachel Schulkin told the Times that the department can no longer afford to keep the centers open for as many hours because they lost crucial funding.

Local nonprofit the Associated Recreation Council (ARC) had been paying for the additional hours at a cost of $158,000 per year, but have withdrawn funding because they determined that the arrangement isn’t sustainable.

We’ve contacted both the Ballard and Loyal Heights Community Centers for more information regarding which programs will be cut as a result — we’ll update when we learn more.

6 thoughts to “Seattle Parks to cut hours at Ballard and Loyal Heights Community Centers”

    1. This IS how government works. Shouldn’t we all be asking the REAL question here: how much has been spent so far, with tons more planned, on heroin junkies and our wonderful catch + release program we call justice. This area is flush with $$ and this is yet another sign government is NOT your friend. What, do we have to pass another tax on our car tabs? Our homes? Soda? Does ANY government agency ever do without? Or, is that for the schlubs funding everything? Do we need a freaking tip jar now there? How completely ridiculous.

    1. No, The time HAS arrived for many to re-think the way things are done/run here. Dammit this is NOT necessary. Stop being used like a farm implement. They’re totally counting on your complicity here and laying down for them. Time has come for real accountability and heads to roll. How, in an area so wealthy, can this even be thought of? Being treated like children and taking away our rattles is NOT good policy. Classic liberalism

  1. Everything cost money even park Community Centers for people to stay there ! If no parks people stay there the homeless will move in to the Community Centers sorry to say !

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