HomeGoods coming to Interbay

A new HomeGoods store will soon be opening next to Whole Foods in Interbay.

HomeGoods specializes in discount home furnishings, such as rugs, furniture, lighting, bedding, and bath items. Their newest location will open on Oct. 13 at 1500 W Armory Way.

They’re also currently hiring for the new store, with a big hiring event happening through Sept. 21st at the Homewood Suites downtown (206 Western Ave W) from Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm.

This will be HomeGoods’ first location in the city of Seattle — the next closest stores are in Lynnwood and Bellevue.

8 thoughts to “HomeGoods coming to Interbay”

  1. Welcome. Welcome to conformity and compliance; Seattle style. Welcome to others knowing how to run your business better than you do. Welcome to high taxation and a wonderful city council that totally loves business. Welcome to people that want to sleep, crap and do heroin on you doorstep and steal you stuff to support said habit. Good luck.

    1. Welcome to others knowing how to run your business better than you do.

      Seems like you’re the epitome of someone who knows how to run businesses better than the owners and proprietors. Are you just advertising your services?

    2. Farewell. Farewell Paintking from a wonderful place to live with a highly educated and affluent population. Farewell from a government doing its level best to govern with concern and compassion for all. Enjoy your upcoming move to an isolated cabin in a deep red state. I hope you’ll be happier there.

      Seriously, seek help. You’re in desperate need of counseling.

        1. Paintking’s entire post was an attempt at sarcasm to show his displeasure with his city and its government. There’s nothing to prove correct or incorrect, and nobody is saying he’s incorrect, despite your attempt to build a strawman as such.

          People are just pointing out the delusional absurdity of his comment and his apparent inability to grasp reality.

          Good thing he’s got you as a personal white knight to swoop in and fight his battles though!

          1. Not a white knight. Just an observer. Knuckleheads like Paintkong that think just because I don’t want filthy freeloaders all over my neighborhood makes me a “red-stater” kinda ticks me off.

          2. You don’t know what I think.

            So I’ll tell you. The “filthy freeloaders” you’re disparaging are people who often through no fault of their own are in a horrible place. Often times they are mentally ill, drug addicted and desperately poor. They’re not sleeping in Ballard Commons and eating at St. Lukes because they enjoy it. Have some compassion and some humanity, and do what you can to help.

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