24th and Market intersection to close starting next week

Driving through Ballard will get a bit tricky starting Monday, with closures coming to the intersection of 24th Ave NW and NW Market St starting on Sept. 16th.

As part of the Ballard Multimodal Corridor project, crews will start by closing the north half of the intersection on Monday in order to replace an aging water main and finish paving work.

Things will get really interesting the following weekend when the entire intersection will close from 3am Saturday, Sept. 21st until 5am on Monday, Sept. 23rd. The work is weather dependent, and will be postponed in case there’s a forecast of rain.

Here are the traffic revisions during the weekday closure (here’s the .pdf):

And, here are the detours for the full closure on the weekend (.pdf):

Crews plan to work nonstop through the weekend closure, demolishing and replacing concrete panels at the intersection.

Local access will be maintained during the work, and businesses will remain open.

For the rest of this week, crews will continue working on the center lane of NW Market St west of 24th. Paving and concrete pouring are scheduled for this week — SDOT expects center-lane work to wrap up in just over two weeks, depending on weather.

6 thoughts to “24th and Market intersection to close starting next week”

    1. Spandex is sooooo 70’s, so no worries there. However, with the newer and much more comfortable cycling wear, suffice to say you’ll continue to see our form-fitted asses for a long time to come!

      1. Sure be nice if you and your cycling buds all had to attend a safety class and display that magical sticker/license plate, like ALL boaters MUST do. Imagine the $$ rolling into the coffers for cyclists. This great idea may save everybody from property tax increases. Pay for play. This is a very progressive idea. As in “progress”. How can this NOT be a great thing for all of us? More $$ for our starving city. Like the $100,000 per homeless/year isn’t enough already.

        1. Here’s a better suggestion. The city needs to put parking meters on Shilshole for car/truck storage.

          The city would catch plenty of drivers if they placed cameras around Ballard to enforce traffic laws. There are more motorists who break traffic laws. That would raise much more money.

          How about doing away with those publicly financed stadiums rather than infrastructure?

          I pay property tax here and find it a shame that Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel is spending that money to take advantage of residents who need a safe route to ride, walk and run.

    2. Sure, no problem. Most trail users don’t wear spandex, although I have seen some joggers in yoga pants.

      BTW, the current improvements to the road are for cars. Unfortunately, Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel has made the city stop moving forward with the trail (which was to be built for joggers, walkers, skaters and cyclists).

      Can’t wait until the paving starts on Shilshole. Hopefully they’ll build a really big sidewalk on the south side and put in paid parking. Hate having a bunch of freeloaders taking up public space.

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