Green Market on 24th and 64th closing up shop

The Seattle Green Market on the corner of NW 64th and 24th Ave NW is closing at the end of next month.

The Sunset Hill store (6405 32nd Ave NW) will stay open, but according to employee Noel Brass Jr., even after cutting down their store hours, the 24th Ave location just wasn’t getting enough business.

“There are 12 or 13 grocery stores just down the street,” Brass Jr. told My Ballard. “Even people who live in our building weren’t coming in.”

The 24th Ave location has been open for three years — it opened up when their Sunset Hill location closed temporarily. Now, the two stores will be consolidated into one.

Brass Jr. says they’ll stay open until the end of October.

Thanks Bill, for the tip!

7 thoughts to “Green Market on 24th and 64th closing up shop”

  1. I would have loved to support that store more, but there was no place to park. When you’re on the way home from work that makes a difference.

    1. IMO this place was doomed from the start. QFC is a few blocks south, prices were high and selection was pretty small. Good luck at the single location going forward!

  2. As someone who lives across the street, there were several times a week I wanted to walk across to get things and it was always later in the evening or on a Sunday when they’re closed. Bummer.

  3. “There are 12-13 grocery stores just down the street”. Well then, what we you thinking? We finally have enough coffee shops too.

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