Southern resident orcas in Puget Sound this morning

If you have some spare time this morning, you might want to head down to Golden Gardens — a number of southern resident orcas have been spotted headed north from Alki.

According to the Orca Network on Facebook, approximately seven orcas were seen heading north towards the Magnolia channel at 8:30am. The spotter, Katie Kirking, says it looks like two males, a few females, and a couple young ones. She says there have been some directional changes, but that the trend is north and they are fairly spread out.

A pod was also seen yesterday at 6pm just off Golden Gardens — Lance King posted a video (screenshot above) of the pod on the Orca Network page.

If you want to keep tabs on the whales’ movements, follow the Orca Network on Facebook.

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Yes, and, in other news, the sun came up AND set in the west.