Famous Edith Macefield house up for lease at the Ballard Blocks

The Edith Macefield house is up for lease.

Regency Centers owns the Ballard Blocks complex and the little 1,400-square-foot house within it (1438 N.W. 46th St), once home to Edith Macefield.

Macefield became famous when she refused to sell her property to developers even when they offered her $1 million for the small home. She died in 2008, but her wishes have been honored ever since Regency acquired the house in 2015 from its interim owner.

The house is commonly known as the “Up” house—some believe it inspired the 2009 Pixar movie. It’s certainly inspired people in Seattle, from the Macefield Music Fest which launched 2013 to the “Steadfast” tattoos that started popping up on Seattleites arms.

It was even the inspiration for a BBC radio drama produced back in 2019.

The house has been for lease for quite a while, John Chelico from the leasing company Kidder Matthews told My Ballard. He says they don’t envision allowing significant changes to the property, but said they’d like to see it turn into a cafe, perhaps with outdoor seating. “Something to make use of the quaint feel of the building,” he said.

When asked why it’s only now being put up for lease, Chelico said it’s been something that’s “been on everyone’s minds for a long time.”

The property is listed on Commercial Exchange.