New neighborhood shop Market off Market to open soon near Gilman Park

There’s a new market opening soon in the ground floor of the Anker apartment building at 5405 11th Ave NW.

Ballardite Alex Garmendia is opening Market off Market this summer. He tells My Ballard he will sell coffee, beer, wine, and grab-and-go snacks.

“We really want it to be a place that serves the growing community around the Gilman park for the nearby residents and park users alike,” he said.

“We will aim to provide that morning cup of coffee on the way to work, and the bottle of wine on the way home for dinner. Also, ice cream for the kids after their baseball games and the roll of emergency poop bags for the forgetful dog owner.”

Garmendia adds that they’ll have some local brands in the shop: Think coffee from Cafe Vita, sandwiches from Bread and Bone.

Garmendia moved to Ballard from the east side in 2017. He has a background in restaurants: “I’ve done it all from barista to executive chef, from dishwasher to general manager and into operations.” He said career highlights include working under Chef Shannon Galusha at the Salish Lodge and Spa and opening Taku for Chef Shota Nakajima.

Anker Apartments are fairly new: The land was just redeveloped within the past few years.

Construction is scheduled for later this month/early June—we’ll keep you updated on their opening date.

Photo: Alex Garmendia