Self-storage planned for NW 47th St

A warehouse at 825 NW 47th St is being eyed up for a new self-storage facility.

According to the Seattle DJC, the nonprofit Skills Inc. bought the property in 1973, but sold it two years ago for $2.7 million. Skills Inc., which is now based in Auburn, trains and employs disabled workers and serves the aerospace industry.

The Frelard warehouse shares a block with Giddy Up and Downtown Dog Lounge, and is directly across from Fremont Brewing’s large facility.

A Dallas developer is behind the plans — we’ll update when we learn more about the timeline.

7 thoughts to “Self-storage planned for NW 47th St”

  1. That sucks. Combined with Interbay there’s just going to be a wall of self-storage facilities separating Ballard from the rest of Seattle.

    You don’t need so much junk people! just get rid of it!

  2. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that despite our typical differing opinions all of us seem to agree that this is a less than ideal way to build our community!

  3. I’m so glad we are preserving the industrial heart of Ballard by maintaining commercial zoning… Complete waste of space in a city that desperately needs more housing.

  4. What a shame. I support maintaining some of the commercial and industrial zoning in the area – we need a diversity of places for people to work outside of just downtown – but why does the area continue to be a paved-over wasteland. And ugh…self storage. Stuff! Gotta get more stuff! Not rooting for this business.

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