Ballard Health Club launches free yoga for cancer classes

There’s a new free yoga class this month at Ballard Health Club, designed specifically for those with cancer and survivors of cancer.

The class, held Saturdays at 4pm through the rest of October, is taught by yoga instructor and cancer survivor Katherine Boury. Boury spent a week in Santa Cruz to be a certified yoga4cancer instructor.

“This class isn’t a cure, it’s a safe space to let go and be in your body as you adjust to this temporary or new normal,” BHC says. “The Ballard Health Club wants to provide a safe space for folks to process some of what comes up with diagnosis, treatment, and recovery through the movement of yoga and breath-work.”

The club says the classes are designed to help people deal with the symptoms and side effects of cancer, and to reduce anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress.

If you want to join the Saturday classes, be sure to bring a photo ID to the club.

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