Ballard Fire Fund raises over $80k for businesses affected by October fire

A fundraiser set up to help buoy the businesses affected by the Oct. 7th fire at 24th and Market in October has raised $83,277 to support the employees and businesses owners.

The Ballard Fire Business Relief Fund was set up by the Ballard Alliance on the day the devastating fire completely destroyed Kitchen N Things, La Isla, Super Cuts, and Octo Designs Jewelers, and caused significant smoke damage to Pho Big Bowl.

Now, $47,250 is being released to support 38 employees who were left without jobs in the aftermath.

Nearly 600 individual donors gave to the fire fund, which is being managed by an advisory board comprised of Ballard business owners and employees not affected by the fire, plus non-profit representatives and members of the Ballard Alliance Board of Directors.

The first priority established by the advisory board is to disburse funds to affected employees: each employee who worked less than 20 hours per week will receive $750, and those who worked 20 or more hours per week will receive $1,500.

“The level of community support for the relief fund is nothing short of amazing,” Ballard Alliance Executive Director Mike Stewart said in a statement about the funding. “We are pleased to disburse funds to employees this week and the advisory board will make determinations about disbursement to the affected businesses once there is a more complete understanding of the extent of the damage as well as the amount of coverage that will be provided by the various insurance companies.”

The GoFundMe campaign will continue for the foreseeable future and will be managed by the Ballard Alliance — more funds will be disbursed in the weeks ahead.

Photo by Jake Hanson

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