Licton Springs K-8 could move to remodeled Webster School in Ballard

The Seattle School Board will vote tomorrow on whether Licton Springs K-8 will move to the soon-to-reopen historic Webster School (3015 NW 68th St) in Ballard.

Webster School was constructed in 1908 and served as an elementary school until 1979. It was then taken over by the Nordic Heritage Museum, which operated in the building until their move to NW Market Street in 2018. The building and site are both designated as historical landmarks.

Webster School was leased by the Nordic Heritage Museum from 1980 – 2018

The project to modernize the building to return it to school use started in the spring of this year, with plans to reopen it by the fall of 2020. The new school will total 52,500 square feet, 7,700 of which will be a new school gymnasium and entrance. There will be three kindergarten rooms with toilets, 14 classrooms for students in grades 1-5, and three special education spaces. The adjacent Webster Park — which Seattle Public Schools sold to Seattle Parks and Recreation in 1997 — will be partially used by the school for recess and PE programs.

Draft of new geographic zone proposed for Licton Springs K-8

While nothing is yet confirmed, Licton Springs K-8 is being considered for the new school. According to SPS, if the move is approved in the school board meeting scheduled for Nov. 20, the Capital Projects and Planning staff will work with the Licton Springs K-8 community to adjust the school for Licton Springs’ needs. The board is also looking at expanding the school’s K-8 geographic zone, a draft of which is shown above.

If the move is approved by Board members, Capital Projects and Planning staff will work with the Licton Springs K-8 community to adjust the school for Licton Springs needs.

We’ll update with any new information after the school board meets on Wednesday.

Featured photo: Mock-up of new Webster School by TCF Architecture

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