New fitness studio Upbeats opens in Frelard

There’s a new fitness studio that’s opened up just next to the new Jewish deli Schmaltzy’s at 928 NW Leary Way.

Upbeats owner Allison Axdorff tells My Ballard that classes include dance, cardio kickboxing, yoga, barre, HIIT aerobics, a drum-inspired workout and more. All classes are focused on syncing movements with music, and are designed for all fitness levels.

“Music is a key element of bringing my fitness values to life,” Axdorff writes on the Upbeats website. “Music makes fitness way more enjoyable and as an output makes it more effective (yes that’s science).”

The studio will be running a free kickboxing class at 12pm this Friday — sign up online here.

Photo courtesy Upbeats

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