Metro water taxi could expand to Ballard

King County is looking at expanding water taxi service to Ballard, and are asking for feedback to gauge interest.

Currently, the passenger-only water taxi operates only from downtown Seattle to West Seattle and Vashon Island. Now, through a budget proviso, the King County Council has asked Metro to outline a plan for potential service to Ballard and Kenmore.

To that end, Metro has developed a survey to find out whether a ferry service would provide a better commuting option for people traveling between Ballard and downtown Seattle.

The routes being considered are:

  • Ballard to downtown Seattle and/or the Expedia campus (Interbay)
  • Kenmore to Seattle (University of Washington, Madison Park, Leschi Park, or the Portage Bay area)

The Metro Water Taxi expansion survey is live now, and will be open until Dec. 23rd.


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