City arterial speed limits to drop to 25mph

The City has announced plans to lower arterial speed limits from 30 to 25mph next year.

The change was announced earlier this week by Mayor Jenny Durkan, and comes as part of Vision Zero, a goal of ending traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets by 2030.  

In addition to lowering arterial speeds, the City is also working with the Washington State Department of Transportation to reduce speeds on state highways within the city limits, including Aurora Ave N and Lake City Way on SR 522.

Many of Ballard’s busiest roads would be affected, including north-south arterials 8th Ave NW, 15th Ave NW, 20th Ave NW, 24th Ave NW, 32nd Ave NW, and Seaview Ave NW. East-west arterials set to change are Shilshole Ave NW, NW Market St, NW 65th St, NW 80th St, NW 85th St. (Here’s a handy map of city speed limits, for more info)

There are also plans to double the number of intersections with leading pedestrian interval safety enhancements to 250 in 2020. The City also plans to add safety cameras to five new school zones and double the number of red light cameras operating in the city.

“We must make our sidewalks and roads safe for everyone – too many of our residents have lost their lives in traffic incidents, often the most vulnerable. That is unacceptable,” Mayor Durkan said in a statement about the changes.

Photo: SDOT

16 thoughts to “City arterial speed limits to drop to 25mph”

  1. This is welcome news! Looking forward the the Leary speedway slowing down to 25 mph. I’m hoping they also add more crosswalks along that stretch to slow things down even further. In-city driving is a stop and go situation, it’s about time Seattle gets on board with prioritizing pedestrian safety.

      1. Not sarcastic but certainly wishful thinking:). I’m aware that if not enforced then yes, people will still speed.
        I’m all for redesigning Leary. How about a tree lined boulevard with zero parking, bus only lanes and single car lanes in both directions. Plus crosswalks with traffic lights.

          1. Hi terryj! First off I must say you are so funny and pleasant! Secondly, park somewhere else!


  2. This is completely moronic. Nothing is going to change. There are maybe 4 traffic cops in all of Seattle. People will continue to drive 40 in the 25 zone. Complete waste of money.

  3. in response to “The City has announced plans to lower arterial speed limits from 30 to 25mph next year.” The city lowered arterial speeds in 2016. This change is to some arterials with marked speed limits higher than the default speed. 24th Ave. NW is not an example, the speed limit on 24th Ave N.W. has been 25 mph since 2016. Perhaps before you spread misinformation you could do a little research, for example, go to the city limit, turn around and read the sign.

  4. This is part of VISION ZERO, a focus-group slogan advocating traffic changes to eliminate traffic fatalities. Traffic fatalities have DOUBLED since SDOT adopted the slogan.

    1. Let’s rewrite the laws so that vehicular infractions and accidents due to negligence result in temporary loss of driving privileges in addition to fines that are scaled to match income levels.

      Operating a motor vehicle is a privilege, not a right. Let’s start treating it as such.

      1. so if your low income, speeding in a school zone, your fine for potentially harming children would be less? brilliant. Please don’t vote nor have children,please.

          1. Ah, you said “infraction”. I didn’t realize you meant “crime”.
            Never mind.

          2. “Infraction” is synonymous with “crime”, it’s just used more often in the vehicular realm of law.

  5. Well are the police going to enforce the speed limit ? On 15th south of the ballard bridge the speed limit is 30 and most people 45 to 50+ all the time and most of the time they get away with it ! Lowering the speed limit won’t create safety unless the police enforce the speed limit ! If You try to go the speed limit on 15th people fly by you making it more dangerous for everyone on the road ! Why don’t people just leave earlier so they don’t have to rush so much ?

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