5 missing after F/V Scandies Rose sinks in Alaska

Five people are still missing after a crab boat that spends its off-seasons in Ballard, F/V Scandies Rose, capsized and sunk in Alaska.

The Coast Guard has suspended its search for the five crew members who are still missing. Two were rescued from a life raft after the vessel sank near Sutwik Island, Alaska just after 10pm on Tuesday.

The 130-foot steel fishing vessel, built in 1978, is based out of Dutch Harbor, but docks in Ballard when not in Alaska.

According to KING5, the crew sent out a mayday call for help before the ship capsized. A U.S. Coast Guard spokesperson said the conditions were quite bad, but a Jayhawk helicopter was able to rescue two of the crewmembers, who were wearing survival suits, from one life raft. Another raft was found empty.

It’s unclear what caused the Scandies Rose to sink, but the Coast Guard will investigate.

Photo: F/V Scandies Rose from the F/V Scandies Rose – In Remembrance page on Facebook


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So very sad. These people could’ve chosen to be astronauts, yet chose 1 of the other “most dangerous jobs in the world”. RIP and thank you all for giving it your all.


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