Bridal store Grace Loves Lace coming to Old Ballard

An international bridal store is planning to open a location on Ballard Ave.

According to city records, Australian bridal wear store Grace Loves Lace will be moving into 5201 Ballard Ave NW. The building was formerly home to a fashion academy, but has been boarded up for quite some time for seismic retrofitting and renovations. Before renovations started, Eco Collective operated in the space on the corner, before moving to their new location at 5309 22nd Ave NW in August.

Grace Loves Lace has locations around the country, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Diego, and Chicago. This would be their first Pacific Northwest store.

We have contacted the company to learn more about their plans, and will update with any new information.

Lauri Miller posted the above photo in the My Ballard Group

8 thoughts to “Bridal store Grace Loves Lace coming to Old Ballard”

  1. I think they should leave the façade just the way it looks in the picture.
    Funky, nothing too upscale that doesn’t fit the hood. Call it ‘Post Mike O’Brien Americana’!

    1. Quite troubling, the further trivialization of what is right smack in the faces of ALL Ballard residents. My guess is we’ll have endure more of what has become “the norm” before some type of tipping point is reached. All in the name of what again?

  2. I thought millennials were married to their dogs?

    I guess “lace” will be an upgrade from Ballard weddings of the past where the bride wore a hoodie and Crocs and pounded 40s at the reception.

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