Fitzgerald’s to return with new ownership, new name

Fitzgerald’s, the sports bar that closed abruptly in December, has been taken over by a different owner who plans to bring new life back into the bar.

The new owner is Billy Whelan, who also owns Old Pequliar on NW Market St. He took over the space at 5811 24th Ave NW earlier this week, and plans to spend the next two months revamping it into another sports bar, but with an Irish twist.

Whelan tells My Ballard that he plans to do a deep clean and renovation — there will be new flooring, a new bar, and spotless kitchen after they’ve finished.

“I’d been looking for a place to open a new bar, and the timing was right,” Whelan said, adding that it helps that it’s just half a mile away from Old Pequliar. Business is going great at Old Pequliar — “no reason we can’t do it again,” he says.

Whelan says to expect trivia and sports nights at the yet-to-be-named bar. One thing is certain — Whelan says they’ll bring back the wings that Fitzgerald’s was known for.

The new bar should be open sometime this spring — we’ll check back with updated info when we learn more.

17 thoughts to “Fitzgerald’s to return with new ownership, new name”

  1. Just what we need, another hangout for straight white males…wait a minute, I’m not elenchos2!
    I’m glad to see the business won’t sit vacant for long!

      1. Did you ask every person in today’s Ballard? Plenty of diversity to go around. Do us all a favor and remove your blindfold. Oh, and turn off MSLSD, it’s obviously poisonous.

  2. always heard this spot used for money laundry… coming back with “new” owner and “new” name wont fool me for one second. STAY AWAY

    1. Well it is a new owner with someone else that invested and i happen to know them both and it def will not be that. So check your shit before you start rumors you ignorant f*ck!

  3. I heard @BallardByBoat and @elenchos2 we’re trying to bring a 00’s – 15th in Crown Hill style strip joint to this location. I guess they lost the bidding war.

  4. Please God, not another sports bar with an Irish twist, the new “Loft” has ruined that concept. Hopefully the “twist” is an Irish flag. See the Westy for the sports bar template, they are the gold standard in Seattle. But, welcome! Really glad to see this spot is reopening.

    1. I’m not sure why Americans always try to theme sports bars with other cultures. A sports bar in Ireland is just a pub with a few extra tv’s that show soccer and rugby 24/7.

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