Potential leak at wastewater treatment station closes North Seattle beach

The private beach at Blue Ridge Park just north of Ballard has been closed after high levels of bacteria were found in the water.

The King County Wastewater Treatment Division (WTD) is investigating a potential leak at the North Beach Pump Station just next to the park, which they say could be the source of the bacteria.

The WTD has sent water quality testing results to Seattle and King County Public Health, which has recommended temporarily closing the beach due to the high bacteria count.

The area is currently posted with signs about the closure — Blue Ridge Beach Park will remain closed until water samples drop to safe levels. So far, no other areas are closed, but we’ll update if the closure spreads to other beaches near Ballard.

5 thoughts to “Potential leak at wastewater treatment station closes North Seattle beach”

  1. this annual leak/overflow/etc at the wastewater treatment sites is ridiculous. sure its been raining a lot, but guess what? it rains a lot here. local “leaders” need to get more interested in boring stuff like infrastructure and put their little pet projects (like condemning India, of all things) to the side – when they fix the everyday problems f the city, then maybe move on to giving scolds to other nations, cuddling with junkies, etc

    1. Umm, perhaps the same people running the Iowa caucus are behind the curtains here too? Priorities? We got NO stinkin priorities. Actually they’re all right in our faces.

    2. While your sentiment regarding a local focus on local problems makes sense to me, the change you suggest is just never going to happen. We are a city (and country) in thrall to ideologues and extreme opinion on both ends of the spectrum. And stoking those political dopamine receptors in one’s self and in others apparently just feels too good for too many people, precluding a move to pragmatism. We’ll have our council, and the country will have Trump, for the next several years.

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