Windermere Ballard hosting hygiene drive this week

Windermere Real Estate in Ballard is hosting a hygiene drive this week to benefit the Urban Rest Stop and Nyer Urness House.

In addition to hygiene products (wash rags, feminine hygiene, nail clippers, files, etc) they’ll be accepting clean, new socks. They say travel-size hygiene projects are best. The donated items will be dropped off at both locations on Valentine’s Day.

To donate, you can drop off products at the Windermere in Ballard (2636 NW Market St). They say if you can’t stop in to their Market St location, you can order Amazon items and have them shipped directly to their office.

Photo: Windermere Ballard on Facebook

9 thoughts to “Windermere Ballard hosting hygiene drive this week”

    1. You should seek immediate help for you junkie delusion/obsession. It’s like you’re addicted to junkies, whether mentally, physically or emotionally.

    1. Sad that this word “compassion” is so maligned and mis-used. Is it compassion to hand out bits here and there, keeping this small % of people there? Is compassion spending your neighbors hard earned money? And after spending some $100K per homeless, not my numbers, are we better off, or worse? Most limitations ARE self-imposed. I know, I’m about to reach 18 years sober. Companies mean well, but they should check out how many 911 calls there are every day at 1753 NW 56th. Umm, this is a wet house. When it’s YOU needing help and YOU dial 911 they just might already be very busy dealing with the daily over-dose there. I watch the 911 read-outs daily, and know this for a fact.

      1. It’s funny when you talk about compassion, yet your posts are filled with nothing but contempt for those that have hit rock bottom.

        As someone that’s 18 years sober, one might think that you’d understand that contempt never helps someone become a better person.

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