Heron Habitat Helpers open house for volunteers this weekend

Local nonprofit Heron Habitat Helpers is hosting a volunteer party this Sunday to recruit new helpers and get ready for the spring nesting season.

The volunteer open house will be on Sunday, Feb. 23 from 1pm to 3pm at Commodore Park (3330 W Commodore Way). “Over tea and cookies, learn about what Heron Habitat Helpers (HHH) does to support Seattle’s largest colony of nesting great blue herons and how you can get involved,” they write in their event info. They also plan to set up telescopes to observe the colony.

Here’s a list of the volunteer opportunities with HHH:

  • Monitor the heron colony during the breeding season and become a citizen scientist
  • Weed and plant for habitat restoration
  • Educate and communicate by writing social media posts and newsletters 
  • Coordinate volunteer groups for restoration projects
  • Host and set up events, or be a tour guide
  • Fundraise for education and habitat restoration projects
  • Technical help to get our our webcam streaming
  • Suggest a post-secondary environmental project – we can work with you
  • Present your ideas for help we didn’t even know we needed!

To learn more about HHH and stay updated on their efforts, visit their Facebook page, where they also list their upcoming events and pop-ups.

Photo: Marla Master

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Pork Pie
Pork Pie

I bet paintking will be a Heroin Habitat Helper at Ballard Commons Park.


No, I’ll be busy, running my small business. After that I’ll be busy helping my 90 year old mother and 94 year old father. After that I’ll be busy paying taxes. Taxes that allow you to hang in mommy’s basement saying crazy assed shit. Then I might sit back and enjoy an ice cold soda pop. Glad though I’m living rent free in your skull. The real “heroin helpers” are the totalitarians YOU keep selecting. Own YOUR vote douche waffle


OK Boomer.




very good