Ballard Pool repairs delayed, now due to reopen in mid-May

Seattle Parks closed the Ballard Pool in December for a major maintenance project, which is a bit behind schedule: the pool is now expected to reopen in May rather than April.

The pool was closed Dec. 2, with Seattle Parks anticipating a two- to three-month closure. However, some “unanticipated issues have arisen” which has delayed their reopening until at least mid-May.

The maintenance project includes demolishing and replacing the existing concrete pool deck, pool deck drains, pool and spa plaster liners, and replacing the pool’s filter system.

To stay updated on their progress, you can follow the Ballard Pool on Facebook.

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Maybe they found Jimmy Hoffa?


The Ballard pool had been closed for some major repairs and is said to be reopened in mid-May. It is under some major project for its maintenance as it was reported that for a long time the water in the pool was not circulated properly and the pool pumps were not effective. So, I guess the major agenda would be changing the pool pumps. I believe the choice of pool pumps must be out of the three branded pumps like Hayward, Pentair, and Harris. These are known for their efficient working. less noise and best results. Customer satisfaction is also at the top for these three pumps than many others. I wish they must have considered one of them to make this project a big success.