City suspends 72-hour parking rule during COVID-19 outbreak

The City of Seattle is easing some parking regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic, including suspending the 72-hour parking rule, limiting booting/towing, and providing temporary loading zones in front of restaurants.

The City will stop enforcing the 72-hour parking rule for all vehicles, including RVs. However, vehicles without parking zone permits must still obey time limits.

Booting and towing will also be limited; the City will only tow or boot vehicles that create safety hazards, block access, or create other major issues. The City will also suspend booting of vehicles with unpaid parking tickets.

And, as we reported on last week, there are new three-minute loading zones in front of restaurants and businesses to support food pickups. See where SDOT has installed the temporary signs on the COVID19 – Food Pick-Up Zone Map.

Restaurants can request temporary load zones by contacting us at 206-684-ROAD or

All other standard parking rules will continue to be enforced, including on-street parking at metered spaces. You can learn more about COVID-19 Parking updates here.

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Cap Anson
Cap Anson

When did they enforce this on RVs?


Be careful. You might just upset the oh so open minded SJW’s here. You know, the folks footing La quinta. This, quite the tidy scheme/scam.