Restaurants can now sell alcohol with food pickups and deliveries

In a move to help struggling restaurants, the Washington Liquor Control Board will temporarily allow liquor license holders to sell unopened beer, wine, and spirits — in combination with food pickup and delivery sales.

The LCB says liquor sales without food purchases are not permitted under the temporary allowance, in effect while on-premises dining is prohibited.

There are some guidelines that restaurants have to follow.

For curbside pickup:

  • Beer must be in growlers, kegs, or factory sealed bottles and cans.
  • Wine must be in factory sealed bottles.
  • Spirits must be in factory sealed bottles.

For deliveries:

  • Delivery of beer to include non-factory sealed cider crowlers, jugs or other similar, non-factory sealed containers is allowed.
  • Delivery of malt liquor in kegs or other containers capable of holding four gallons or more liquid is allowed, provided that kegs or containers are factory sealed and that the keg sales requirements (see WAC 314-02-115) are followed.
    • Beer must be in factory sealed bottles, cans, or kegs holding 4 or more gallons.
    • Wine must be in factory sealed bottles.
    • Spirits must be in factory sealed bottles.
  • Delivery or curbside sales of bottles of spirits is allowed when purchased with a meal / food

Curbside services is also permitted for cannabis retailers, with the following guidelines:

  • Drive-thru windows are not allowed
  • IDs must be checked — no one in the car may be less than 21 years of age
  • Curbside sales areas must be stationary and physically designated on the leasehold property, preferably as close to the building as possible. Examples of physical designations for curbside service include:
    • Tape or painted parking spots for vehicle parking
    • Cones or signage for vehicle parking
  • Where possible, video cameras should be monitoring and recording the designated sales area
  • Outdoor sales from a tent or kiosk are not allowed

Stay updated on the latest LCB rules here.

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This is great, and in my opinion should just always be allowed. Don’t see its different at a restaurant than at a grocery store. Off right now to pick up a pulled pork sandwich and a beer from boars nest!