India Bistro donates hot meals to Nickelsville in Northlake

Ballard’s India Bistro donated meals to all the residents at Nickelsville Northlake yesterday.

India Bistro owner Mukesh “Mike” Punjabi wanted to provide hot meals to a shelter in the city, and was connected to Nickelsville Northlake. When Punjabi learned there were 24 residents at Nickelsville, he and staff cooked up 30 meals to send over.

“We believe it is important to think about everyone in our Ballard community during this time,” India Bistro posted on their Facebook page.

Thanks Kelli for posting about the donation in the My Ballard Group!

Photo: Peggy from Nickelsville picks up meals from India Bistro

8 thoughts to “India Bistro donates hot meals to Nickelsville in Northlake”

    1. So cool you say. What about their next meal then? What about the next month? Year? What IS the exit strategy here to mainline these folks? You DO want them to become independent, right? Perhaps instead of handing out more and more goodies, (METAPHOR ALERT) fishing poles should be given away, as so they can eat for a lifetime. Why are Ballard eateries boarded up? Because if the criminals can’t get what they want, they’re going to steal it, that’s why.

      1. Paintking, based on your hissy fit in another thread I would be careful about accusing other people of being criminals without evidence.

      2. On March 20, 2020, Paintking said:

        Hey pal. Your accusations are NOT funny and may be actionable. Try getting your head out of your GD ass

        1. So let me get this straight. “Paintking” – an anonymous commenter – is accused of doing something illegal by “Pork Pie” – another anonymous commenter – and it’s “actionable?” Great legal mind at work here, to be sure.

      3. Yes Paintking, we all painfully aware that you “think” you are better than everyone else, but please actually show it by providing said fishing poles to people in need. Now is as good of a time as any, and who knows, soon even your friends and neighbors could possibly need a fishing pole too.

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