Online marketplace created to support Ballard businesses during pandemic closures

In an effort to support Ballard retailers during the stay-home order, the Ballard Alliance has launched an online shopping marketplace for local businesses.

The Ballard Alliance teamed up with DEI Creative to set up the Support Local – Ballard Marketplace, which includes Ballard shops, restaurants, and breweries.

“There has been an outcry from residents who want a way to support Ballard businesses during this crisis,” Ballard Alliance Executive Director Mike Stewart said.

“The Ballard Marketplace is a virtual shopping experience designed to support our downtown Ballard businesses and adapt to the new economic environment we’ve all been thrust into. The Support Local – Ballard Marketplace provides Ballard businesses with a new, or additional method, to generate online sales and gives shoppers a way to visit and support all their favorite Ballard shops and restaurants during this challenging time.”

The marketplace sells a bit of everything: t-shirts from Monster, boots from re-souL, and even cheese from Scandinavian Specialties.

“The goal of the Support Local – Ballard Marketplace is to offer neighborhood businesses and shoppers a place to connect and support one another – ensuring the vibrancy of community,” DEI Creative Principal Sara Green said. Online marketplaces could be developed for other areas, Green said, in order to help business districts across the city.

The Ballard Alliance has also set up a directory for Ballard restaurants; click here for more.

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