Sustainable Ballard asking for volunteers to help make fabric face masks

Local nonprofit Sustainable Ballard is organizing volunteers and asking for supplies to make fabric masks for hospital workers.

“While medical grade face masks are the best first line of defense against viruses such as COVID-19, supplies are in hot demand. According to the CDC, fabric masks are a crisis response when other options are limited,” Sustainable Ballard writes on their website.

If you have a sewing machine, they’d love for you to sew some masks at home. Or, if you have cotton fabric, thread and rope, or flat elastic that you are willing to donate, other volunteers could use those materials to make masks.

Sustainable Ballard also needs help with drop-off and pick-up, transporting both materials and finished masks.

The organizers are still determining where to send masks, but those details will be updated soon. To help out, contact Jody at Sustainable Ballard by email.

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I tried contacting Jody by clicking on the “by email” link above but nothing happened. I would be willing to help make masks as long as I know they will be used. Per the above “The organizers are still determining where to send masks”. As soon as it is know what will be done with them please post it. Thank you.