Parking lots close at Carkeek and Golden Gardens off-leash area

The City has announced more parking lot closures to limit the spread of COVID-19, including Carkeek and the Golden Gardens off-leash area.

All parks remain open, but residents are encouraged to visit their local parks, or bike/walk to areas where parking lots are closed.

Parking lots at eight popular parks around the city (including Golden Gardens beach) were closed a couple weeks ago, but the additional closures are being enforced to further encourage people to visit parks closer to home.

The new closures include all parking lots along Lake Washington Boulevard; in Washington Park Arboretum, at Stan Sayers Boat Ramp (boat ramp also closed); at Carkeek, Kubota, Woodland Park, and Volunteer parks; and at the West Seattle Stadium. 

The eight parking lots that closed in late March include Green Lake, Lincoln, Golden Gardens, Seward, Magnuson (including the boat launch), Gas Works, Alki Beach (including Don Armeni boat launch), and Discovery parks.  

Seattle Parks says residents are encouraged to visit any of other 450 local neighborhood parks, or to bike or walk to the larger destination parks, which will remain open for public use.  

“Many of us have been doing a great job at enjoying the outdoors while also practicing social distancing, but we are still observing crowds at some of our larger parks, and pick-up games on fields and courts,” Seattle Parks Superintendent Jesus Aguirre said in a statement about the new closures. “We urge you to visit parks closer to home or take walks in your neighborhood. Continuing our social distancing practices is critical to the health of those most vulnerable in our community.”

Seattle Parks staff and Seattle Police will be monitoring popular parks to encourage social distancing.

24 thoughts to “Parking lots close at Carkeek and Golden Gardens off-leash area”

  1. probably should have just done this to begin with…unfortunately too many people can’t be counted on to do the right thing on their own.

  2. I think compliance at Golden Gardens is significantly better than most of our local parks.

    The Ballard Community Center fields looked like a normal spring day with people playing soccer, baseball, and Frisbee. The city could have also easily pulled in $2,000 in fees for people with dogs.

    Ballard Commons is a ghost town but you have to have a strong desire to contract Hep A to be crazy enough to set foot anywhere near there. It’s insane the city hasn’t shut it down.

    1. You got to be kidding me, you obviously weren’t there a few evenings ago, Seaview filled with cars, the entire boat launch parking lot filled with cars people even parking in the boat launch area above the ramps. Like all thing in Seattle, no enforcement = Wild West.

      1. I was not there this week. But I was there last weekend during the day and it was much easier to social distance at Golden Gardens then it has been the past few days at the Community Center.

    2. Agreed with neighborhood. Until they closed the lot, it was packed on sunny days. Even when they closed the lots, people have taken to parking along Seaview instead.

      And I’ve been by Ballard Commons nearly every day this week and there are a decent amount of non-homeless patrons using the park.

      Why do you insist on opening lying about the homeless problem? You do it constantly.

      1. Because I’m not a Trumpy and I still believe facts are facts and not lies.

        But yes keep telling yourself that our homeless population are doing fantastic and living the dream on the street. The 25 folks who were diagnosed with Hep A, some of whom are in critical condition with liver failure…are just liars.

        San Diego had to completely shut down parks, and (gasp) house the homeless to control the Hep A outbreak. We are doing no such thing in Seattle, and are paying the consequences. At least that’s what those of us who use numbers, statistics, and facts have figured out.

        1. “Not a Trumpy”. Well, this explains why your mind is toast. The Seattle Times is just another mouthpiece of the Dummycrats. But please do keep high on that CNN or MSLSD drug. So open minded it’s fallen out. N. Korea welcomes you.

          1. Happy Easter Paintking. Glad to see you are spending it doing what you love.

  3. Sadly, too many Ballard neighbors can’t be bothered to follow any of these small attempts to slow Covid spread: as of noon today, approx a dozen drivers just pushed the obvious “closed” signs and barriers to the side and used the dog park parking lot anyway. Well done, Ballard! It’s working together like this that really makes the difference. :(

  4. I get not wanting people to congregate at the beach, but the off leash area (the lot they just closed) is way above the beach. There have been no issues with people congregating at the off leash area – everyone is well spread apart. Now, you have to park on Sunset Hill, and navigate the narrow path down to the off leash area, which defeats the entire purpose. I walked those stairs yesterday, and had heavy breathers running literally inches from me up and down the stairs while I tried to take my dog back to my car. Unfortunately, closing the off leash parking is counterproductive in that it forces people into situations where they cannot social distance.

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