Ballard Farmers Market launches online shopping tool

You can now shop online for your weekly farmers market produce: the Ballard Farmers Market has launched their online marketplace to make it easier for customers to shop, contact-free.

The drive-through and walk-up options are still available, but the Ballard Farmers Marketplace allows vendors who are not yet able to sell at the market (body product vendors, for example) to sell their goods for Sunday pick-up. Online shopping is available on weekdays, with final orders required by noon on Fridays.

The market organizers say new vendors will be added each week; for now the online marketplace includes the following producers:

  • Bonnie B’s Peppers
  • Firefly Kitchens
  • Haxan Hot Sauce
  • Jarvis Growers
  • Jonboy Caramels
  • Puddles Barkery
  • Sage on the Mountain
  • ZIVA Mediterranean

As a reminder, the farmers market is operating quite differently from normal; here’s a rundown of what to expect if you plan to stop by this weekend.

Photo: Seattle Farmers Market Association

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Pork Pie
Pork Pie

I strongly suggest walking to the farmer’s market versus the drive-thru option. The past two weeks we have tried the latter, at different times of day, and had the same challenging experience — looooong delays.

The problem is that if the car in front of you wants to stop and shop at however many stalls, you have to stop, too. Everyone does. So by the time you actually get to the stall you wanted to shop at (ours are a ways down the line) you may be ready to just bail. Which is exactly what we did after sitting motionless for 15 minutes last Sunday.

You can step out of your car and look down the line — it’s often a solid line of cars but if you do see your stall is open, if you dare to pull out and try to jump the queue, you risk getting yelled at/honked at by cars in front of and behind you. I saw that happen.

So, do as we did the first Sunday it opened: Queue up on the sidewalk. It goes rather quickly — certainly more quickly than the godforsaken drive-thru.


I’m very glad the Ballard Farmer’s market is open again and hope more vendors are added to the online marketplace…not a lot on there at the moment.

El Grunion
El Grunion

what is this picture supposed to add? lol

Pork Pie
Pork Pie

ANOTHER shit show this morning. Be aware that ONLY pre-order pickups are allowed in between 9 and 10. So that was another wasted trip.