F/V St. Jude selling their sushi-grade tuna off the boat at Fishermen’s Terminal

After spending the winter season catching tuna in the South Pacific, F/V St. Jude is back in Seattle, selling their catch directly to customers at Fishermen’s Terminal.

Normally, the owners Joe and Joyce Malley sell most of their sushi-grade tuna to restaurants, but with the pandemic closures, their biggest customer base—up to 75 percent of their sales—has evaporated.

So, they’re selling the fish right off the boat.

According to The Seattle Times, the Malleys have 35 tons of tuna in a cold-storage facility, and another 48 tons frozen in the hold of their boat. Their prices are below wholesale; a whole frozen fish is going for $3 per pound.

They plan to sell directly to customers every day from 10am to 6pm at Dock 9 in Fishermen’s Terminal (see the ‘X’ below) for the next week or so; the dates are on a Facebook event page.

If you want to stay updated on their future tuna sales, keep an eye on their Facebook page for more dates.

Photo: St.Jude Tuna on Facebook

20 thoughts to “F/V St. Jude selling their sushi-grade tuna off the boat at Fishermen’s Terminal”

  1. All right city boys and girls, Ask yourself this before you get all riotous “farm to table.” What are you going to do with a whole, flash frozen solid 16 lb albacore?

    1. Take it home and filet it. Then cut it into 1.25” thick steaks, sear it, and serve it on a bed of arugula with a soy based glaze and toasted sesame seeds.

      1. Don’t forget to thaw and loin it… it’s frozen solid like a turkey. You know how to loin a whole tuna, it’s not like a salmon. Do you know how greasy tuna oil/fat is, your cutting board will never small the same.

          1. My cred speaks for itself. Wholesale whole albacore is $1.25/lb on a good year, $1.75 to 1.95/lb on a bad year. Wholesale loins $4.00/lb. Go ahead thinking you’re getting a good deal on these, the world needs suckers willing to overpay on things.

          2. lol, just about no proteins, seafood or meat, are as low as $1.75 per lb., ever.

          3. That’s on the round… clearly you don’t know what that is. Yield on a tuna is like 40%.

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