First look at Ballard Aegis design

The senior community housing company Aegis Living is building a new facility in Ballard at 949 NW Market St.

The Ballard Aegis, expected to open in Oct. 2023, will have 68 assisted living apartments for seniors, and 24 memory care apartments. The complex will also have an in-house theater, wellness center, and sports den for residents.

Aegis Madison’s in-house movie theater

The plans call for a 5-story building with 39 parking spots. Currently, a 4-bedroom brick house is on the corner lot where Aegis will be constructed (943 NW Market St). According to King County records, the home sold for $1.4 million last July.

The Aegis website says the new facility will, “reflect the cozy small-town feel of this unique neighborhood and seamlessly blend with a distinctly northwest style and a nod to its Nordic heritage.”

Photos: Aegis Living

6 thoughts to “First look at Ballard Aegis design”

  1. Wow…I’ve seen a lot of new development projects and this one may be the ugliest. I can see that they are trying to look small by creating a varied elevation along the facade, but such tricks rarely work. I hope Design Review pushes them to re-design the concept. Of course, what is really needed isn’t housing for retirees, but housing for workers. Retirees can live in less impacted parts of the state.

    1. Thank you for telling older people with deep roots in a community that they go live somewhere else. But I agree with you on the design.

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