Bop Street Records collection bought by nonprofit digital library

In a fortunate turn of events, Dave Voorhees of Bop Street Records has found a home for his collection of 500,000 recordings.

44 tons of records will be shipped out to the nonprofit this week.

As we reported last month, Voorhees announced his plan to close his store this summer after taking an enormous hit from the pandemic closures. If he hadn’t found a buyer, Voorhees was considering giving away part of his collection. But now, a digital media library will be giving his collection a new home.

Internet Archive, a nonprofit based in San Francisco, will be buying the entire collection. The Seattle Times reports that the sale will give Voorhees, “a healthy, six-figure down payment on his retirement,” Bop Street business manager Bob Jacobs said.

The nonprofit, which has already has millions of audio recordings, allows users to access all their content for free. The archive includes books, movies, webpages, software and more, a collection which has been growing since the website launched in 1996.

Voorhees and Jacobs are now busy shipping out his massive collection to the new owners. In the meantime, Bop Street will remain open for curbside pickups until the end of June.

Photo: Bop Street Records on Facebook

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Good Luck Dave, nice to have spoken with you.


It’s great to know they are going to a good home but selfishly I wish someone had bought the store and reopen it. :(