City launches survey to gauge preferences for light rail station infrastructure

As part of the project to bring light rail to Ballard and West Seattle, the City has created a survey to help guide decisions around what the new light rail stations will look like.

Sound Transit will be building 13 new light rail stations as part of the expansion to West Seattle and Ballard, and they’re working with Seattle Neighborhoods to help learn what’s important to the communities surrounding the new station locations.

To help inform decisions, the department has created guiding principles and objectives, including dependable transit, vibrant communities, climate action, and equity—all detailed in the online survey.

Once the 13 station locations have been identified in 2022, the City will work with communities to plan transportation improvements—walking, biking, and bus access—to help residents more easily travel to stations. They’ll also look at the following:

  • Identify opportunities for housing, shopping, and open spaces to create affordable, livable neighborhoods around new stations.
  • Establish priorities to inform project permitting.
  • Pay special attention to reduce or avoid impacts to communities of color whose neighborhoods often bear the burden of large infrastructure projects.

To learn more about the City’s efforts to connect with communities during light rail planning, visit the Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods light rail website.

Photo: King County

5 thoughts to “City launches survey to gauge preferences for light rail station infrastructure”

  1. 2045 rather than 2035 is more likely. How about making Rapid Ride D more rapid, instead? (Fewer miles of shared lanes with cars, for example) Dollar for dollar, much smarter.

  2. The survey isn’t specific to the Ballard/West Seattle link. It’s just…how important do you think light rail is?
    I worry that by the time they get around to even doing the detailed planning, they will be spending all the funds to repair the aging parts of the line and to replacing the aging cars.
    We should have had our Ballard-to-downtown monorail operating 10 years ago.
    Suggestion for the appearance of the Ballard station… Since Ballard has the USA’s NATIONAL Nordic Museum, the station’s look and wall art, etc. should reflect the Nordic heritage of Ballard. Maybe even copy the big mural that is at the Bergen Place Park.

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