Improvements coming to Magnolia pedestrian and bike bridge near Ballard Locks

The aging timber pedestrian and bike bridge connecting upper Magnolia over the railroad tracks to Commodore Park and the Ballard Locks is nearing its expiration, and the City is evaluating their options.

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is in the early design phase for the 33rd Ave W Bridge project, evaluating whether a rehabilitation is possible, or if the bridge requires a full replacement.

Over the next several months, SDOT will look at how often the bridge is used for walking and biking and will consider short- and long-term residential impacts of construction work.

SDOT says that while the project is not yet fully funded, they’ll keep working on design options through early 2021. They plan to conduct community outreach later this spring to gather feedback from residents.

To learn more, visit the project website.

9 thoughts to “Improvements coming to Magnolia pedestrian and bike bridge near Ballard Locks”

  1. “Over the next several months, SDOT will look at how often the bridge is used for walking and biking…” Um, the Locks are closed for pedestrians and bikes right now–with no specific open date–due to Covid-19. So, those surveys sure won’t yield much data re: the bridge’s importance to cyclists and walkers.

  2. Lets see SDOT??? As soon as the locks open for pedestrians. Start work on it so it won’t be available for pedestrians. The Seattle way.

      1. Your voice would squeak less if you and your cycling friends ponied up and attended a safety class, displayed a license plate, with CURRENT tabs. Imagine the revenue stream rolling into the city’s coffers. Imagine what they could do with all that $$! Then perhaps more would hear you. Pay for play pal. Especially now with revenue way down. You DO want to do your part, right?

        1. Just how ill-informed are you? Why is it absolutely ZERO surprise that you joined the ranks of people that believe that If you own a bicycle, then you couldn’t possibly, oh… I don’t know… own a house and or a car… pay all the same taxes as just about every other person in King county, yet somehow because the choice is made to NOT drive the car in question, and ride their bike (which has literally zero impact on the roads in question), then that person is a suspect in scofflaw lifestyling…. pretty sure we are all still paying license fees, excise taxes and all other attendant sales taxes as you. Granted this might be a larger assumption, since you seem to have a boundless amount of time to just troll a neighborhood blog, tearing down anything that doesn’t agree with your tiny, brainless world view.

          seriously. go outside for once in your sad troll life. learn about things besides complaining.

  3. “Improvements” they say. This will mean months of disruptions AND a new system to charge to cross. 9 words you NEVER want to hear “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

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