Ballard Firestone sells for $7 million

The Ballard Firestone (1145 NW Market St) has just sold for $7 million.

The buyer is J. Selig Real Estate, owned by Jordan Selig, Martin Selig’s daughter.*

The Firestone property had been for sale since 2018, and was originally listed for $8.5 million.

Martin Selig owns the new office building on the northeast corner of 15th Ave NW and NW Market St, which opened last year.

No word yet on J. Selig’s plans for the site—we’ll update with new info when it becomes available.

*Correction: The original version of this story reported that the buyer was Martin Selig.

8 thoughts to “Ballard Firestone sells for $7 million”

  1. With the light rail going literally on the other side of the mcdonalds that’s a smart buy, even if they do nothing with the site.

          1. It’s true that it’s not 100% decided.

            They’ve ruled out all options except market and 15th, or market and 14th.
            I don’t particularly like the market/14th option, but sound transit does as they think its easiest to build and least intrusive – they just shut down 14th and build away. So while it isn’t official that it’s their only option, they’ve expressed that its the one they prefer, and they tend to choose the options they prefer.

    1. Blue collar? Working class?

      Puh-lease, Ballard’s socially conscientious don’t care about them!

      They sound so “privileged”.

      It’s junkies in the park they want to help.

  2. Good riddance, those guys were crooks. They tried to bs me that they couldn’t repair a puncture in my tire I bought there because it was too old and tried to make me buy a new one, assuming I didn’t know how to read the date code on the side of the tire. When I called them on it, they made up some new bs story for a new reason why they couldn’t repair it; never get that kind of behavior at Les Schwab. I suppose it works a lot on their typical customers.

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