Ballard Firestone site up for sale

The Firestone lot next to McDonald’s on NW Market St. is for sale, and a senior living company is reportedly eyeing the property.

The sales price for the 1145 NW Market St. property is $8.5 million, and the listing shows it’s currently “pending.” The Daily Journal of Commerce reports that Aegis Senior Communities has filed an early plan to build a new development there.

Aegis is rapidly expanding from its current 14 properties in Western Washington. The company’s website lists 8 new properties under development, including locations in Greenwood, Ravenna, Lake Union and Laurelhurst. The Ballard location would be its ninth new property.

Meanwhile, as we reported last month, the McDonald’s next door is planning to rebuild the restaurant from the ground up.

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13 thoughts to “Ballard Firestone site up for sale”

  1. I think it’s great to have senior living here in Ballard — the more people who can age in the place they know and love, the better.

  2. This is an excellent place for a 9 story 90 unit building with one half bath. Just think of how green it will make us. Ballard is ripe for a change!

  3. Damn that sucks. No more tuner boy cars to see in the firestone lot. Instead we will have a bunch of stupid old white people crammed into a chinese particle board palace hopefully they all die from the toxic glue fumes and black mold that will spring from said particle board .

  4. I’m not sure the city needs Senior Housing. We should prioritize housing for people who are working here. Let the retired Seniors live in a cheaper part of the state.

  5. Great, and besides, seeing the sun is so over-rated. Here a corridor, there a corridor and voila; we have a man made eclipse. After all, we really do need to become more like__________. Insert where you came from or just hope we can become.

    1. Is it that hard to move one block left or right to get out of a corridor? You all make it sound like the entire city is built within the Grand Canyon.

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