Target confirms small-format store coming to Ballard next year

Thanks to your tips, My Ballard broke the story last month that Target is planning to open a Ballard store in the new Martin Selig development at 15th and Market.

Today Target officially announced that the 26,900 square-foot store will open in Ballard in 2019, and Martin Selig released a rendering of the new office building with all the signage (above).

For context, full-size Target stores are in the 130,000 square-foot range.

Target also announced new small-format stores are coming to the U District and Bellevue. Each location will customize its inventory for the neighborhood. Target says the Ballard store “will focus its assortment on baby and kids, apartment and home essentials, and beauty products.”

The Ballard store will also feature online pickup — usually ready in less than an hour — as well as same-day delivery services powered by Shipt.

The store will employ about 50 people, Target said.

As for the office development at 15th and Market, Martin Selig says it’s 80% leased. As we’ve been reporting, other tenants include Polyclinic, WeWork and Equal Exchange Coffee.

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13 thoughts to “Target confirms small-format store coming to Ballard next year”

  1. Baby and kids??? Unless they mean fur babies im betting that stuff will be on the shelf for quite a while. They should be focusing on apartment stuff and electronics.

  2. If the Polyclinic moves to the new building at 15th/Market, does that free up space in the Swedish Medical Center building? And if so, what is moving into that space? Or is the Polyclinic opening up a 2nd location in Ballard?

    1. Wow, down-voted for asking a question. Would you like me better if I had said “What’s going into the old Polyclinic location, squatting areas for the filthy homeless population?”

  3. Good place for stylish clothes and some aggressive pit bulls on rope leashes owned by mentally unstable drug addicts. Can’t wait!

  4. The store in Ballard won’t open until 2019? The gas station was razed almost a year ago.
    Why the heck does construction take so long in Seattle, over 2 years to build one small five story office building?

    It seems the only place built with any kind of speed was the CVS in Queen Anne, I think it only took six months from demolition to grand opening. At that rate Target should have been open by now.

    1. I believe it took this long because, as is was replacing a former gas station, it was a brownfield and had to go through environmental cleanup protocol before proceeding with construction. The CVS and Costco sites don’t exist on former brownfields. Plus, I see numerous residential multi-unit buildings go up around me that are built quickly only to have to be re-sided, construction issues, mold issues, etc. only a few years later. The longer it takes, the better it’s built.

  5. HAH! Developers illustration features four Aston Martin’s in “traffic”. Their (likely subconscious) message: FUCK YOU, POOR PEOPLE! ENJOY YOUR TARGET!

  6. although they have 2 “family restrooms” they are not “public” even for a customer with a full cart.
    I walked out today and left my cart … the beginnings of my Christmas shopping because I had to pee.
    Parking will be pay to park, validated with a minimum purchase, but the store is super small, so if you only need something small, or they don’t have what you are looking for, you will have to pay. Seems double inconvenient to me. I won’t be back.

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