Army Corps seeking input for Ballard Locks and Ship Canal master plan

The master plan for the Ballard Locks and along the Lake Washington Ship Canal is due for an update, so the Army Corps has put out a call for public input.

Dallas Edwards from the Army Corps tells My Ballard that the information will be used to update recreation and land use goals for the area, whether it’s adding more concerts to the Locks gardens or changing natural resource management.

The scoping period for the environmental assessment of the master plan runs June 1 through July 31, during which the public is encouraged to submit ideas and comments via email at

Normally, Edwards says they gather input by setting up a table at the Locks and chatting to visitors, but with the COVID-19 closures, they’re hoping to gain input online.

The Army Corps is interested in public feedback on the following topics:

  • Carl S. English Botanical Garden
  • Visitor Center
  • Fish Ladder viewing Area
  • Recreation Management
  • Cultural/Historic Properties Management
  • Public tours
  • Public Use
  • Partners
  • Commuters
  • Special events
  • Special use permits
  • Facilities

The master plan is scheduled for completion in September 2021; we’ll update with any news on changes to the Locks before then. For more background on the master plan, click here.

11 thoughts to “Army Corps seeking input for Ballard Locks and Ship Canal master plan”

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    Its been fine for over a century, leave it be. Please

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      Were geese rounded up and fed recently to the homeless or something? Good. Well, they are coming back now and pooping all over everything and it spreads disease. Put a $10 bounty on them.

  2. Tear it down. All I see is white privilege. This property should be given away and run by the homeless industrial complex. There, I feel so much better about myself. So easy too.

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  3. If they could somehow make footbridges wider that would be cool. So I can get across with my bike when there are a million clueless tourists.

  4. Translation: We have so much excess money we are looking for ways to spend it.

    But even though a judge ruled your vote for $30 car tabs was valid, we still feel a need to attempt to destroy your lives by leaving our fake valuations, obscene tab rates, graft, our corruption in place. We are flipping you the finger. What are you going to do about it?

    1. It’s actually a federal facility, technically speaking. It’s why they say you can’t smoke any pot there. So I’m assuming they have a different budget? Plus, they will ask you to send your request to the prince of Nigeria in the end. haha

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