Virtual graduation planned for Ballard High School

It’s the end of the school year for students at Ballard High School, which means book returns and diploma pickups, followed by a virtual graduation for seniors.

On Wednesday and Thursday, seniors are being asked to return books, during which they’ll have the chance to wear their caps and gowns to receive their diplomas and have their photo taken with BHS principal Keven Wynkoop.

The diploma handouts and photos will be happening from 9am to 3pm on both days, near the BHS sign on the corner of 65th and 15th.

The virtual graduation for BHS is scheduled for next week, Tuesday, June 16 at 5:30pm. There will be two ways to watch; live on Seattle Public Schools TV, or afterwards on the Seattle School District’s YouTube channel.

Here’s a full list of the virtual graduations for Seattle high schools, happening each day next week (June 15 – June 19).

9 thoughts to “Virtual graduation planned for Ballard High School”

    1. Oh look kids, a tiny handed man who’s triggered by protests and appears to have a weird, almost fetishist, obsession with his councilmember!

      No no, don’t get too close, I’m nervous idiocracy is contagious.

  1. Congratulations seniors, class of 2020! It’s unfortunate the covid situation has taken this important milestone from you.

    A bit of advice, we’ve clearly seen the right to free speech and assemble overrides the risk of spreading covid by congregating. I’d suggest, congregate to protest being forced to have a virtual graduation, and while your at it, also celebrate your achievements…. a win-win!

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