Donate to a racial justice organization and you could get a private performance from Ballard High artists

Students in the Ballard High School Performing Arts program are asking community members to donate to racial justice organizations, and in return, the student artists will provide private performances for five of the donors.

The student-led fundraiser, known as Ballard Performing Arts (BPA) Support Black Lives Matter (BLM), will run through the end June. Here’s how it works: donate $25 or more to one of the organizations below, and be in the drawing to win a performance from one of the following Ballard High ensembles: Jazz, Vocal Jazz, Fiddle Ensembles, String Quartet or Thespian Troupe.

“Black American Music (BAM), commonly known as Jazz, is an essential part of the Ballard community,” the fundraiser info reads. “BAM enriches the education of Ballard High School students, and our students want to give back to the Black community.”

Here’s a list of the organizations the students have highlighted for donations:

In order to be eligible, email a copy of your donation receipt (with your name, the organization, and donation amount) to Josie Carscadden,

“We couldn’t be more proud,” Director of Bands Michael James said. “This effort is entirely student led.”

“Everyone is encouraged to donate — even a small donation is a step towards justice and an end to institutionalized racism,” the students write.

“The students of Ballard Performing Arts urge you to educate yourselves, listen to and uplift Black voices, and be actively anti-racist in your home and in your community.”

Photo: BHS Jazz Band | BHS Performing Arts on Twitter

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