Ballard Scout Troop helps collect 4,600 pounds of food for Ballard Food Bank

A group of scouts have collected thousands of pounds of food for the Ballard Food Bank.

Organized by boy scout Casey Rogers, the Eagle Scout Project for Troop 100 in Ballard conducted a contactless food drive for the food bank, picking up 4,000 pounds of food in just a few days.

For the food drive, the scouts dropped off paper bags at participating homes late last week and returned on Monday to pick up donations. My Ballard Group member Craig shared the news, saying it took two full bus loads and two cars to bring it all to the food bank.

“We collected around 400 bags of food, totaling at about 4,600 pounds, that’s over two tons! It’s estimated at over $10,000,” Craig says.

Photos: Ballard Food Bank

12 thoughts to “Ballard Scout Troop helps collect 4,600 pounds of food for Ballard Food Bank”

    1. The food bank is for both people with homes, and people without homes. So yes, people you insist on repeatedly insulting here to make yourself feel better about your miserable life, they benefit from it also.

      1. I have a great life that could be a lot better if people like you didn’t kowtow to trash heaps all over town. (And yes, good job scouts.)

        1. I assume when you say “people like you”, you are referring to people that also dislike trash heaps, tents, and broken down RVs scattered throughout the city, but don’t childishly whine, complain and insult homeless about it on this community blog because they know it doesn’t accomplish anything.

          1. You are just so special. Taking full + complete ownership of the mess Seattle is today is not on your list, is it. Must be all those Republicans bringing all that heroin + meth in, right? You did see the story about all the drugs coming up I-5 on KIRO last week, right? Arrogant, smug and typical. Have you driven around town lately? The whack-a-mole situation is getting much worse. The industrial drug complex is growing. When it’s your home broken into, or your auto stolen THEN it’s a crisis.

          2. Sorry to hear you’ve been drinking again. Please, go get yourself clean, then come back when you are sober and have something meaningful, intelligent, or even something mildly coherent to say.

      2. Can you then tell us all what the exit strategy is for this place? People are making bank off of these humans. Do you know the difference between a safety net and a hammock? Perhaps a hand up compared to a hand-out maybe? Have you seen what SF resembles lately? Is that your model for success then? I realize that disagreeing with you here is criminal, BFD, nothing new. Seems lowering the bar, little personal responsibilities, shreds of human debris everywhere, heroin and meth flowing freely are your priority. Umm, it’s not working. FACT: 53,000 people left NYC last year.

        1. The only people benefiting from the homeless crisis are the sockpuppets, like yourself, that endlessly complain about the homeless crisis on neighborhood blog comment sections. If the crisis went away, no one would pay attention to you!

  1. They are no longer helping little old ladies across the street. They are earning merit badges. They mean well. Does Buffett or Gates need their social security $$? What about means testing for the food bank? Wouldn’t shrinking and the eventual doing away with this be a goal? As in, what if. What about installing real and true dignity to a human being instead? Without chaos and their permanent underclass, WTF would our esteemed city council and “leaders” have to do or tax us for???????? Most limitations ARE self-imposed.

    1. “Most limitations ARE self-imposed”

      Such as your inability to say anything intelligent or to write complete coherent sentences?

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