Walk-up art fair happening all over Sunset Hill this weekend

This Sunday, artists from all over Sunset Hill will be selling their crafts from home as part of the first-ever Sunset Hill Art Fair.

“Mask up and walk by” is the motto for the art fair, happening at 49 different homes in west Ballard. From painters to potters and live music, homes all over the neighborhood will have crafts to sell and share. The fair will be from 12pm to 5pm on August 2. The organizers have set up a Facebook event page as well; click here for details.

Here’s the map (click here for the interactive version):

The organizers have started an Instagram page to share examples from a few of the artists…

Thanks, Jason for the tip!

Featured photo: Sunset Hill Art Fair on Instagram

8 thoughts to “Walk-up art fair happening all over Sunset Hill this weekend”

  1. Love this, great idea. I assume cash only and no business license needed? I’m in! I’m committing to spend $500 on this… cmon bloggers, pony up; put your money where your keyboard is!

    1. I should add my tent to the list… $50 gets you the right to take a picture of some art I spray painted on the inside of the Portland Loo, and it comes with a baggie of “free” meth on the side

  2. there are too many morons posting here, I may be one. Moderators should do a better job of pushing the morons to the side of the road.

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