Ballard Opera Man postpones performances due to ban on live entertainment

The front-lawn opera performances in Ballard have been postponed, with renewed bans on live entertainment due to the pandemic.

Stephen Wall, aka Ballard Opera Man, has been drawing crowds to his front lawn since April. But now, the show won’t go on: Wall announced on Facebook that he’s pausing his performances, observing Gov. Jay Inslee’s requirement that live entertainment be postponed as the state experiences another surge in COVID-19 cases.

Here’s Wall’s Facebook post:

Our “Ballard Opera Man” lawn concerts have always been about pulling together through this pandemic. Suspending our shows for the time being is the right thing to do. This is the course that Western Washington University is taking. This is the course that Seattle Opera is taking. I look forward to resuming the show ASAP. Our mutual well-being is more important than anything. I will continue to post on Ballard Opera Man Facebook page. Please join me there whenever you can to see what’s new. God bless you all and we will see you as soon as possible.

To find out when the performances will resume, follow the Ballard Opera Man on Facebook.

Photo: Jane Monserud

9 thoughts to “Ballard Opera Man postpones performances due to ban on live entertainment”

  1. Where are all the trolls and the negative snark? This must have just posted… hurry up, losers. While we’re waiting for the obligatory comment about drug use and homelessness (even if it’s responding to a post about Girl Scout cookies, puppies, or ducklings crossing the road), I’ll quickly add that I love Ballard Opera Man. He deserves a little break anyway.

    1. Don’t worry, I’m on it… maybe he just got sick of doing this, and this was his out, “the Governor said I should stop.”

    2. Umm, you mean the grounded common sensical people? We are all hanging in there LOL at you. The REAL question is; how much more BS can Inslee shovel in your driveway? Simon says “no singing today”. But go ahead with the burn, loot, mayhem plan. That’s just fine. Old sleepy Jay has NOT said word 1 about the rioting yet, not a peep. But he sure is heavy handed on singing dude. God I feel good about our direction.

  2. Thats a shame, metro doesn’t enforce masks, that is 100 times more the problem then what this fellow creates. But, life is not fair.

  3. No problem, just hang a BLM sign up, call it a “protest”, and he’s good to go. It’s a like a magic talisman against the spread of COVID.

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