Ballard Scouts host Anti-Racism Book Drive for school libraries

The Ballard Scout Troop 100 is collecting anti-racism books to donate to Northwest Seattle school libraries.

Ballard High School student John is the lead organizer of the book drive—he tells My Ballard that the drive is his Eagle Project.

“I have been feeling outraged about all of the acts of racism that have been happening, and I knew that I had to take action,” John says. “The Anti-Racism Book Drive is just one small way I can try to combat the issue of systemic racism, and work toward social justice.”

The book donations will go to Ballard High School, Whitman Middle School, and Whittier Elementary School. John says that as more scouts sign up to help, more schools in Northwest Seattle will be added.

The troop will be collecting books through Aug. 17; to donate, send books in the mail to Troop 100 2400 NW 80th St PMB 253 Seattle, WA 98117. John encourages that people purchase books through Estelita’s Library, a local black-owned bookstore working toward racial justice.

20 thoughts to “Ballard Scouts host Anti-Racism Book Drive for school libraries”

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      2. Citing stats from a Black Att Gen and a Black President seemed the least biased way to discuss racism. Want other data, look it up. Crime stats don’t change by the year much. Feel free to help this fellow any way YOU choose. With your right hand or your left.

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