Utility box wrapped at Ballard Commons Park

The second-to-last utility box was wrapped this week, this one at the southeast corner of Ballard Commons Park.

The design is by local artist Sarah Robbins; her work will also be on the final utility box at the corner of 24th Ave NW and NW 56th Street, which will be wrapped next Wednesday.

The utility box art is a joint project between the Ballard Alliance and Ballard Public Art Committee, in which seven total downtown Ballard utility boxes will be wrapped.

The Ballard Alliance tells My Ballard that the boxes are public art works, and completed with special permission and permits from the City. “To that end, we kindly ask that individuals do not write on them or attach posters to them.”

The utility box project is funded in part by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods’ Small Sparks Grant with funds matched by the Ballard Alliance.

To learn more about this project please visit the Ballard Public Art Committee page.

Photo: Sarah Robbins

8 thoughts to “Utility box wrapped at Ballard Commons Park”

    1. It does NOT hide the shreds of human debris littering the people’s park though, does it. Perhaps a different shade of lipstick will work? Let’s bring back the ice-bucket challenge too. I’d feel REAL good then.

  1. “They kindly ask that individuals not deface them”. Where are these words from out city council + or feckless mayor when it comes to rioting + looting? I mean, Antifa are real good listeners after all, + even the rent-a-mobs clean up after themselves too, right. Hubris is a good word here.

  2. How come this park doesn’t have a automatic sprinkler system that comes on every night a few times a night ? It would wash away part of the filth and make it hard to camp there ! They could even adjust the sprinklers to water the walk ways to rinse them off too !

    1. Hey, that would be not nice to the homeless insane residents of the Commons, like me! No sweeps and no police so I can do whatever I want. Can you clean up the trash for me? Thanks.

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