Ballard Rotary raises $30k for local high school grads pursuing vocational careers

The Rotary Club of Ballard has raised $30,000 to help graduates from Ballard and Ingraham High Schools who choose to pursue vocational careers.

The virtual auction fundraiser at Picolino’s last week also helped support community programs in Ballard including the Ballard Food Bank, Edible Hope Kitchen, and Ballard Senior Center.

The Rotary Club is still accepting donations to support local graduates; you can donate online through this link.

11 thoughts to “Ballard Rotary raises $30k for local high school grads pursuing vocational careers”

  1. Great idea. So many ways to make a living without spending $60,0000 on a year college tuition.
    The Trades are LOOKING for new members. Ever watched “This Old House” on PBS all those folks are in the Trades and proud of it. Or you could be a lawyer.

    1. As a licensed contractor, I tell people all the time to think about a trade career. Working for yourself is the best if both worlds if you can. And yes, This Old is making it obvious that there are not enough going into the field. Used to be that “to get a good job, you need a good education”. Not any longer. Plenty of highly educated dummies out there already.

  2. I’m pretty sure they’ll be better off financially and mentally learning welding rather than gender studies.

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