Ballard-Interbay transit meeting this Thursday

This Thursday, August 20, there will be another meeting to discuss the future of Ballard-Interbay transit.

The Ballard-Interbay Regional Transportation System (BIRT) interagency team meeting will be held virtually from 11:30am to 1:30pm. The first part of the meeting will be a discussion amongst agency partners, and the public comment portion will be from 1:05 to 1:30.

The interagency team will include representatives from the City of Seattle, King County Metro, Sound Transit, Port of Seattle, Washington State Military, and Washington State Department of Transportation. The meeting will give an update on project activities and provide agency members’ feedback on two elements of the technical analysis: social and economic impact analysis and a project list development, evaluation and refinement. 

The meeting agenda is online here, and the meeting link is here.

4 thoughts to “Ballard-Interbay transit meeting this Thursday”

    1. No need to keep up, nothing to keep up on. they will build it where THEY want. When has city hall ever paid attention to what the voters want. People and business are leaving, there will be no need for anymore transit factors. If you lived in Utah or Georgia and were offered a job in Seattle, would YOU take it?

        1. my bad, i needed to translate the for the morons here, If you lived ANYWHERE ELSE IN AMERICA, would you move to Seattle? I am sorry you were raised by a stranger, you should have been taught better hygiene (look it up)

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