Five muralists to paint over former Ballard Blossom building

The building that was home to Ballard Blossom will soon be covered in murals by local artists.

The Ballard Alliance’s Ballard Public Art Committee has chosen five artists to paint the building, which will eventually be turned into a 7-story hotel. Since Ballard Blossom moved to their new location, the former flower shop has been covered in graffiti.

The artists chosen are Craig Cundiff, Dozfy, Josie Rice, Juan Angel Roman, and Victor Melendez. Local businesses NOVO Painting and Property Services and Annie’s Art & Frame will be supplying the paint, and the property management company will be donating a 60-foot lift.

Ballard Alliance has launched a GoFundMe to help pay the artists for their work: “We are asking the community to help support the selected artists through a donation toward an equitable payment of each artist’s time and talent,” they say in an announcement. All donations will be divided equally among the five artists.

Work will begin this weekend; we’ll update as the mural grows.

Photo: Ballard Alliance

34 thoughts to “Five muralists to paint over former Ballard Blossom building”

      1. No. Just get a life. Your scorched earth policy just plain sucks. How many businesses do you own or run? Ever write a check TO the government? Can’t blame your mess on 1 GD Republican, can you, because there are none around. There is nobody to make Inslee say word 1. There are zero checks. Zero balances. Just 1 party running things for themselves, and you ARE part of THE problem.

        1. “My scorched earth policy.”
          I haven’t even an iota of a clue as to what you are talking about.

          “I’ve never ran or owned a Seattle business.”

          “Have i ever paid the government?”
          You’re kidding right?

          You’re saying I’m blaming Republicans?
          Literally, haha. What will you pull out of your hat next? (Hopefully not one of your many guns)

          It’s my Fault the Gov of Washington wont speak on topics you hemorrhage about?

          “One party running things for themselves?”

          Our president is a Democrat?
          The Senate majority is Democrat?
          The majority of Washington state is Democrat?

          Ooh and my favorite!

          by helping, I’m part of the problem.

          You truly are the King.

  1. Gotta ask the obvious. Who is going to protect this paid art work from the “street artists,” who seem intent on destroying things in our community? It will not be a matter of if, but WHEN some of these little jerks destroy it.

    And can we request themes from the featured artists. One I was thinking of was a recreation of that is going on over at The Commons. How about a bunch of tents, tarps, strung out drug users and garbage, with a few needles strung out across the grass. Maybe a deuce dropped next to the water feature. Yeah, all that has replaced the Scandanavian themes and fishing that appear elsewhere. Why not celebrate what Dan Strauss won’t do anything about, while he champions child care ANYWHERE in SF zoned lots. Gotta wonder how someone working from home will maintain their sanity while a dozen kids are screaming, and bouncing balls nextdoor while on a Zoom call with someone across the country.

          1. Yes, yeessss Uncle Buck! We homeless need more handouts and freedom to continue to live on the streets. Let’s get these taxpaying residents out of here! So oppressive to my plans of laying around the streets the rest of my life with no plan to every be housed and continue to refuse services for shelter and addiction.
            As for Reggie, he has no plans to move off the street no matter how many available beds are open. Even if there was a condo with view of the Sound, he would refuse.

            Remember the hobo activist enablement checklist anyone?
            – Defund SPD – Complete
            – Remove SPD Chief – Complete
            – Lower SPD headcount – Complete
            – Eliminate Navigation Team – Complete
            – Eliminate Homeless camp sweeps – Complete
            – Tax businesses that provide jobs – Complete
            – Takeover downtown with my druggie and addict friends – Complete
            – Get locals fed up with needles, addicted homelessness, aggressive panhandling, stolen property and shoplifting. – WORK IN PROGRESS

            We are with you Uncle Buck. Keep enabling us drug addicts that are homeless by choice. Let’s keep the momentum up!

          2. Me? I only care about meth and heroin and of course the ability to cook and buy more meth and heroin. Lovely days at the Ballard Commons.
            Took a nice walk into the neighborhoods. So quiet. So serene. I’ll grab some of the gang and head up to the Loyal Heights playfield. Looks like there is plenty of open real estate there!
            Hey Hobo Joe, Johnny, Mayor of Ballard and other homeless by choice residents, there’s open real estate at Loyal Heights playfield! Only a few kids and their parents there so we can take it over. Doesn’t look like they would mind us shouting profanities in the middle of the night, following random people, mumbling to ourselves, throwing rocks at pedestrians, peeing outside, cooking meth. Ballard Commons is getting too crowded. SPD is close and they have been arresting us for criminal activities. Not fair! We’re homeless!!!

            Thanks Uncle Buck. Maybe I’ll see you in your neighborhood soon….

        1. Sadistic: deriving pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.

          Hey look Cap, this word fits you pretty nice.
          I’m not scared or threatened by you or your little anti-houseless mob. Spill your anonymous hatred onto the Internet because things aren’t “the way they used to be.”


          1. words are poison, i know, i have spewed my share. i am trying this old thought.
            ” if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything.

          2. “Compassion”–spending others hard earned money. Using your Michael Moore 3rd grade logic here, can you then explain SF, Detroit, Baltimore, DC, LA, Portland, and on and on? Umm, aren’t each and every 1 of these shit hole cities all run by your party? Seems to me the burn, loot, mayhem plan is in full force in these liberal cities pal. Why is it you refuse to own your voting record, and then aim your fingers with YOUR brand of hate at people that disagree with you? Isn’t this classic bullying? Many are finally becoming sick and tired of your city.

    1. Uff?
      You’re one of the judge-y ones aren’t you?
      What we call the ‘Ballard Sanctimonious’.

      I am quite sure you have not seen or stumbled across ANY rigs or needles in the Ballard Commons Park. Elsewhere in Ballard, perhaps but not in the Commons at least not personally, right Uff? You’re just making the assumption because that is where the ‘druggies’ are camping.
      …..And that is how Ballard became a glaring HIVE of judgmental finger-pointers lacking in empathy and compassion. Kudos, Uff, good on ya!

      1. You might change the prescription on your glasses if you wear them. The needles are around if you look for them. Now that the Library restroom is open, maybe more go in the sharps container, but the dopers are still at the Park.

  2. And, you know this art work is kind of like putting lipstick on a pig if the street campers remain. One guy hangs out at Ballard Blossom with his 4 shopping carts, then he moves over to Palermo Pizza, then back to the Blossom. A couple guys bedded down along the sidewalk, then there is the mess at 24th and Market with 4 tents, though it looks like that was temporarily cleaned up a couple days back. I’m sure the murals will brighten things up along with the boarded and graffiti laden buildings, sort of like the lipstick thing. Apologies to the Alliance, but without dealing with the filth and the street campers this seems kind of silly, don’t you think?

    1. His name is Reggie and he’s cool and working on bettering himself and has never bother me once and I’m on Market passing him several times a day.
      You however, please move.

      1. Your bud “Reggie” seems to be taking his sweet time. He’s been planted within 200 feet of the Blossom for at least 6 months. I bet he has been approached for services multiple times. And, yes, he seems not to bother people, but he needs to be off the street, along with those blanket lumps along the sidewalk, and the guys who have taken over the bus stop in front of the BECU store front. Saw some chunky and talkative street camper spitting on the sidewalk while in the bus kiosk. Talk about an opportunity for Covid-19 spreading.

          1. Your votes give me the permission to GTFO Seattle. Your compassion gives the burn, loot, mayhem crowd more permission to hurt cops, burn buildings and ruin a once great city. Michael Moore 3rd grade logic on full display.

          2. The Projections here! Truly fascinating!
            With that being said..
            I love it when the trash takes it’s self out!
            Good riddance!

          3. Hey Uncle Buck, be sure to ask “Reggie” what his plan is for moving on, today. He hasn’t done much in the last 3 days, or 6 months for that matter. I notice he hasn’t moved back to the front of the Blossom, because the artists are at work. Sure hope the murals remain. Good chance, the graffiti goons cover it over or some drugged out street camper pees on the window glass at waist height or below.

          4. Hey, hey heyyyyy there Uff! Reggie is a friend of mine. Nice guy. he has no plans to get out of homelessness. He wants to stay. It’s his choice as supported by Uncle Buck all progressives in Seattle. Same way they support my heroin business at the Commons. They enable homelessness and protect us from any responsibility.
            Please don’t rock the boat. Promise not to steal your bike Uncle Buck.

        1. Because you think others will stick their fingers in it and then plunge their digits into the mucus membranes of their eye sockets or nose?
          Reaching, Uff, really reaching there.

          1. Well, khart old buddy, if this guy is spitting in the kiosk that kind of spoils it for everyone else. He wasn’t wait for a bus, just sitting…for hours. He spends alot of time there. As for transmission of CV-19 it is the aerosol droplets, genius, and he wasn’t wearing a mask while talking to other occupying or near the kiosk. If your knowledge of vector disease transfer is ONLY as you suggest, you have some serious reading and reading comprehension ahead of you.

      2. Can Reggie tell you about “upward mobility”? You do realize there are a ton of beds going un-used every night, due to people refesing to stop using, right????? Is he going to school? What is his exit strategy for Ballard then?? Your scheme is wetting a finger + sticking it into the air then using your feelings, to cry a river is NOT working. We are all living your wet dreams.

        1. In your rage, you’ve become completely unintelligible. And believe me, It’s very clear that you’re making sense to yourself.
          It’s like watching someone scream at a wall, only online.

          Where do I begin?

          “When you point a finger you’ve got three point back at you.”
          Too Juvenile ?

          “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone ”
          Too Spiritual?

          When that blood pressure inevitably bursts another important part of your brain, I sincerely hope I’m not around.

          100’s of house less in Ballard with “needles hanging out of their veins,” you’re the one I don’t trust.

          All the warning signs are here, next up is you being featured on MYBALLARD for taking the law into your own hands.
          If your pride allows you, which I’m sure it wont, try some deep breathing, a long jog, eat food that isn’t empty carbs, smile, stretch.
          Whatever you’re doing, do the opposite.

  3. In other news, the Revlon company has donated a semi full of lipstick, to put on this giant piggy. If this isn’t a metaphor for Seattle I don’t know what is. Becoming Venezuela is becoming so much fun.

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