Ballard, Fremont, and University Bridges to close briefly for cooling showers today

Several draw bridges will be closed intermittently today (Sunday) for cooling showers, including the Ballard Bridge.

Crews will be at the Ballard Bridge at noon today to spray down the bridge with water from a cooling truck. The showers are necessary because high temperatures can cause the steel to expand, potentially creating problems for opening and closing functions. The bridge will be closed for five to 10 minutes at a time while it gets sprayed down.

Below is a video of the Ballard Bridge being cooled in mid-August:

The cooling truck will visit the Fremont and University Bridges next, and then will return to the Ballard Bridge to begin a second round of spray-downs on each bridge.

Photo: SDOT

7 thoughts to “Ballard, Fremont, and University Bridges to close briefly for cooling showers today”

    1. The term is “optics”. It gives people the feeling that something is being done PERIOD. Mom tells me the damn thing used to burn in the 40’s-50’s often before it’s current, and quite outdated look. I have lived in Ballard my entire life and NEVER seen this before. Perhaps this signals that something else is wrong with the bridge and it will soon require replacement. Imagine that, bringing that ancient thing into this millennium.

      1. Various factually tenuous statements. Hyperbole. Fomenting against Democrats. Something something something. ALL caps words. Homeless this and that.

      2. Paintking, what in the world are you talking about? It’s a grand government conspiracy to… put water on a bridge? Why, exactly?

    2. The churlish caucus of this comment board must be on vacation — no one has suggested driving this thing across Ballard Commons yet!

      1. That would be great! Me and the hobos would love it! No more washing my butt in the public fountains. Yay!!
        Haaahahaaaaaa (cackle, cackle, cackle) aaahaaaaa!!!
        Got some meth?

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